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Laura Mitchell believes in the power of the written word to challenge, heal and transform. She delights in playing with the rhythm, color and music of language.

After watching the film Cairo Time, Laura wanted to know what happened to Juliette and Tareq after the movie ended. When she didn’t find an existing sequel to Cairo Time, she decided to write one herself. Her novel, After Cairo, is available for free, here on her website.

•  After Cairo – Read reviews, download the book, and take a virtual tour of Berlin.
•  Featured Friends – Read about some fascinating people.
•  Make a Difference – Like the book? Change a life.
•  About Laura Mitchell – Read about Laura, in her own words.
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The Novel:  After Cairo

After Cairo is my first novel. The book is a sequel to the movie, Cairo Time.

I wrote the novel because I believe that art changes lives. Music, sculpture, painting, novels and films — they have the power to move us and shape us. In my case, a film ushered me into the world of fiction writing. For someone who started out as an historian, that was a change in direction.

Download the book, learn more about the film, and take a virtual tour of the locations and attractions mentioned in After Cairo by clicking the button below.

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Making friends is one of the best reasons to write or to do any type of art. The Featured Friend section is designed to give us all an opportunity to hear from thoughtful and thought-provoking people who bring art to life in so many ways.

Lee WoodmanThis month’s Featured Friend:
Lee Woodman

Poet, artist, and media producer Lee Woodman’s essays and poems have been published in Tiferet Journal, Zócalo Public Square, Grey Sparrow Press, Ekphrastic Review, Vox Poetica, and forthcoming in The New Guard.Lee’s latest collection of poems is entitled Scapes.

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Make a Difference

Support Refugee Relief

I am delighted to share After Cairo with you at no charge. If you liked the book, please make a difference in the life of a refugee. The following organizations provide effective, compassionate, respectful care and assistance to refugees around the world, including those fleeing turmoil in Syria. If you’d like to suggest an organization for the list, contact me.

About Laura Mitchell

MLaura Mitchelly career has taken me many places. Early on after graduate school, I worked at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. I’ve run a small non-profit organization and consulted for other non-profits.

Over the years, I’ve helped organizations tell their stories, make strategic plans and raise funds to realize their goals. I’ve written millions of words by now, and I’ve had the privilege of always writing what I believed and believing what I write.

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Get in Touch

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