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Featured Friends

Making friends is one of the best reasons to write or to do any type of art. The Featured Friend section is designed to give us all an opportunity to hear from thoughtful and thought-provoking people who bring art to life in so many ways.

Poet, artist, and media producer Lee Woodman’s essays and poems have been published in Tiferet Journal, Zócalo Public Square, Grey Sparrow Press, Ekphrastic Review, Vox Poetica, and forthcoming in The New Guard. Lee’s latest collection of poems is entitled Scapes.

Elissa Pemberton is a native of Mt. Vernon, Washington who calls the world her home. She has a deep compassion for refugees, and after reading articles on social media about the plight of refugees, Elissa decided to volunteer at a camp in Greece for people fleeing the conflict in Syria.

After a thirty three year career at the Smithsonian Institution, Marc Pachter retired in 2008 as Director of the National Portrait Gallery (NPG). He also directed the National Museum of American History, the first person to lead two Smithsonian museums at the same time.

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